As I walked into the PAC (People Access Control), I was greeted by a familiar Jazz music. My Buddy and my friend looked at me and smiled. We chatted for awhile before I waved goodbye and left the PAC. As I stepped into camp, reality struck me again that I am back to camp.

#armylife #harshreality


One of the stuff that I enjoy doing whenever I am in camp is to seat at the backseat in a vehicle for patrol in the evening. I would love to look at the sunset while being surrounded by forest or open field. The sight of the dead trees or open field with a sunset view as the background looks really good. It makes me sad and happy at the same time at I enjoys the view and submerged in deep thoughts. 😭

It reminded me of beautiful photos from the National Geographic magazine. I wish I can spend my future retire days become one of the National Geographic photographer and travel around the world capturing beautiful moments.


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