Pizza, more pizza and drinks


Had pizza for lunch. Seems like the last two months I had lots of pizza especially in camp when there were celebrations. Going to get lots of cholesterol . Who cares for now. It has been a while since I had such awesome food.

Left my ear piece in the pocket of my pants while my mum dumped it into the washing machine for washing without notifying me. Thank the Lord it is still working fine. I guess I don't have to waste money getting a new ear piece which the money can allow me to buy a better lens for my camera soon.

Currently at Timbre Art House drinking with my friends. Haven't been there for nearly a year. Good to visit there again. Good band playing, awesome Singapore river view, and nice drinking atmosphere. Had crispy chicken (damn good 👍), Shrimp pizza (👍), Duck pizza, Absolute Raspberry (Ribena as mixer) and Jack Daniel's (Apple Juice as mixer).

Spent my afternoon watching "Warrior Baek Dong Soon". Currently I am so addicted to it that I even watched it when I was traveling to Clarke Quay to meet my friends. Currently at episode 13. That drama is really good that I will consider giving it a star. I keep a list of dramas I watched and at the side I will put an asterisk to the title of the drama if I think it is super good. Hence I might give this drama an asterisk if it maintain its standard.

This drama is different from many other dramas as most of the time, bad guys win and the good guys ended up dead. But overall if you like fighting or martial art scenes, this drama is for you.


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