Esplanade Library

Decided to roam around Promenade as it was too early for the esplanade library to be open. Without using any map, I roamed and landed myself in the F1 track. Decided to take some pictures of it.

It has been a while since I last came here. I love architecture hence I always enjoy the sight of cities.

Visited Esplanade library for the 1st time and was amazed by how it looked. I really like the moody moody looks of the library. Seems pictures of it before but it looked even better in real life. Decided to go there today as there is a particular music book that can only be found there.

So moody, peaceful and quiet. Love it!

Even a jamming studio that costs $6.50 per hour; max capacity 7 person. Seems pretty worth it. 👍

A great place to study where there are hardly anyone.



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