Damn raging right now. Didn't want to pen down anything but an incident just occurred that destroys everyone's mood. We were supposed to book out at 10am today as there is no training day for us but suddenly there will be some briefing for the shift side. To our dismay, we were informed that we have to stay back as well until the late afternoon for the briefing just when we were about to book out.

From promises that we will have public holidays to only alternate training days off for us and now we have to stay back for every training days. Totally no benefits from what we were promised.

There goes my photography plans for today.

Feels better after my comrade of the same team, who is also stuck for the briefing, blasted #DOTS OSTs in bunk using high quality speaker. 😊

Now A-Lin's songs are blasting through the speaker. Songs like η΅¦ζˆ‘δΈ€ε€‹η†η”±εΏ˜θ¨˜, ε―‚ε―žδΈη—›, etc. Love her songs for years. Always so nice and emotional. πŸ’œ

Other Singers songs are being played like Hebe, G.E.M, etc. I used to be a big fan of #Mandopop before I moved over to #kpop for 3 years and now I am back to mandopop. Only listen to songs before year 2013 as I don't like how the new songs have changed except for JJ Lin, Jay Chou, A-Lin, Hebe, G.E.M. Songs from Rainie, Angela, etc, have changed.

Saw an advertisement promo by ExploreSingapore Instagram page and thought of sharing good stuff here. Use promo code "EXPLORESINGAPORE" (excluding ") to receive $15 off for your 1st #Uber ride. Not sure how true is it but those that are interested can give it a try.



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