Kim JiWon (LT Yoon from #DOTS ), my motivation for today's book in for duty over the weekends. She is so pretty… 😍 This morning, it was all over when I become part of the posting back to infantry-like life such that even JiWon's smile can't cheer me up. I am okay with infantry life just that most of my friends/batchmates are staying except for me. Hence I will be surrounded by people I don't know well which they know each other for months. Thus I am going to become an outside. Haiz… 😒

Haven't been updating much for the past few days because life is pretty much the same or it is classified.

Yesterday was the worst as I kind of regretted not fully utilized my book out. Spent my yesterday at home for the whole day not doing anything productive. Should have read up some stuff or go out for photography but laziness took control of me.

Meal in camp has definitely improved a lot. Today's dinner is western. There are lots of potato wedges, two long sausages, omelette, tomato sauce with beans, buns and fish fillet. πŸ˜‹ Usually the food here isn't that good however every since Tuesday's dinner, the food here has became better. Still remember one month ago our Commanding Officer was asking around how is the food, many replied it isn't that good. He took a look at the food and smiled. One month later, tada! Enjoying my dinner. 😁


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