Just finished watching #DOTS . I love the final episode. Usually the last few minutes of the final episode of a drama will end with a scene of the couples getting together but for DOTS, the whole of last episode is committed to showing their lives after they reunioned. It is really good. I love the part where Sergeant Major Seo Dae Young was dancing to Red Velvet's performance. I nearly couldn't stop laughing. Going to start missing this drama. It is really good. Glad that the ending is good.

Spending my whole day having some post symptoms. Every time I finished watching a really good drama, I will start to experience some post symptoms where I wish the drama can go on forever despite me hating lengthy dramas. I will do my stuff while listening to the OSTs where scenes of the drama will run through my mind. Haiz. Someone save me. Missing the drama already. Can't wait for the 3 special episodes. Wonder how will it be like.


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