A long long way from home~

Hello everyone! How is your weekend so far? Although I am stuck in camp, my weekend so far isn't too bad. Today's duty will only start later on in the day hence I spent my late morning and afternoon sleeping in my bunk after a long tiring night of duty. Just now I slept so much that I skipped lunch and is feeling very hungry. No more food for me. Going to endure till dinner. πŸ˜“

Finally we decided to empty our full water bag after 4.5 months. Can you imagine the water was left untouched for 4.5months. Ewww. After we emptied our water bags, the internal layer feels like jelly. Did the water react with the water bag or something? 😱

The moment when you will be outside the whole night but you didn't bring your charger along. That's what I am facing right now. A few hours ago, I left in a hurry after being deployed and now, my phone left 50% which I have to stay out the whole night doing nothing. Ughh. Let's hope time will past faster.


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