NUS School of Computing test and interview

Guess where am I?

NUS! Just finished my test and interview for school of computing. Have not studied math for nearly two years since year 3 of Poly and Army hence I couldn't do most of the questions I used to be able to do since they didn't not mention what they would be testing on. The others are also unable to perform well as all of us have forgotten what we learn since we have been serving in the army for so long.

The interview was not bad. Hope I can enter NUS although I have a placing in NTU.

For those who are interested in the test questions since no one blogged about it before, it is similar to engineering year 1 math where it contain questions regarding algebra, linear equations, probability, differentiation+integration questions like f(f(x)), etc.


Decided to cancel my plans to explore Singapore to take photos as I am too lazy to go out after spending the whole morning in NUS. Shall do it tomorrow morning. 😁


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