Currently at my polytechnic's friend (JY)'s birthday party. Didn't take photo of the chocolate birthday cake but it is really good.

So far I have two cups of Jungle Juice and a cup of pure vodka (New Amsterdam) added with a bit of sprite while killing time. We are currently waiting for the rest of his army friends go home before we (his poly cliques) make him play hide-and-seek to look for his birthday present that we had prepared for him.

Since it is his 21st birthday, everyone seems to force him to drink big cups of volka and other alcoholic drinks but until now, he seems totally fine.

Currently the rest are playing poker cards while I am the DJ using the laptop playing songs from YouTube upon their song requests.

Photo credit to my poly friend, SYF.

On my way home. Feeling so sleepy. Need to wait up early tomorrow for church. Had lots of fun today. It has been a while since we had so much fun after everyone goes to their separate ways where guys goes to the Army while the ladies goes to university, still studying or working. Today's gathering certainly brings back the old memories. 😊


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