Nowadays, I hate attending events unless it is with my poly clique. Whenever someone see me, whether it is a friend of mine, my Friend's friend, my parent's friend, and so on, the first thing they will ask is:

Are you currently in NS (National Service/Military)?

The next question they will follow by:

What vocation are you in?


What are you currently doing?

After hearing my answers that my vacation is Security Trooper. They immediately replied:

Wahh! So lepak (relaxing)!

Followed by saying aloud that they were once Officers or from Infantry Recon, Guards, or Commandos. While giving me a stare like I am some scrum of the earth. Another friend of my who is currently a clerk in the military even say that ST are useless which pissed me off. I just kept quiet and tried to change the topic.

Don't they get it that I don't get to choose when I should get posted to. Although I expressed interest to go to command schools, passed all the requirements during my BMT days, and even have martial art background, I wasn't posted to OCS, SCS, or at least Close Combat Training School.

Instead of being appreciative that we are they so that they can have their weekends and holiday, many love to create a wound and rub it with salt. Haiz…


Enough of my ranting. Today I am finally going for a run again after two weeks. Ever since my comrades and I started going to the specialist's mess to play arcade during our free time, I stopped running. Usually whenever I am out of camp I will be too lazy to run hence I only run in camp. Today is a public holiday hence specialist's mess is close. It is a good thing as I forced me to start running again …. probably for this cycle only.


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