Just started watching "Descendants of the Sun" episode one and it is pretty good like what many have said. This is the 2nd Song Joong-Ki's drama I have watched. His 1st drama I have watched is "Innocent Man". In "Descendants of the Sun", he is a good looking soldier that attract ladies while I am just an ugly soldier that attracts no one. 😅

As usually, I am running late. I am not late yet but going to be. Military life does not seems to change this habit of mine whenever I meet up with my friends. Going to meet up with a polytechnic friend of mine to shop for a present for a member of our clique as his birthday is just around the corner plus today is my off day so I am out of camp. Train, move faster so that I won't be late.

Cheese baked Chicken Chop for dinner at Jurong's JEM's Xing Wang Café after shopping for presents with my friend Dory. A very bad photo as I feel awkward taking pictures whenever I am with my friends. Hence I usual take a quick shot without them noticing.


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