Feeling so tired. Woke up one and a half hour ago to do my duty. Currently I am taking a short break before continuing. Woke up like a zombie. Just when I thought that I can sleep in the afternoon, I remember that we will be having some activity later on in the afternoon. There goes my sleep.


Didn't really want to post negative stuff but I hate it when people handles my books roughly especially that book is precious to me. Don't understand why must they do that after all that book isn't theirs. That book is not cheap and it can be consider as limited edition as only a few left are on sale in this world (both old and new). To me, handling other people's book with care is like basic courtesy and respect. Nevermind, shall not talk about it anymore.


A number of stuff happened today. Don't feel like talking about it. Hope tomorrow will be a better day…


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