In my childhood years, I love to read friction books and comics. I loved reading so much that I borrowed 8 books every two weeks and usually I could finished all the books in less than two weeks.

Whenever I read, I would lost in my own imaginations as my eyes glances through the sentences subconscious. I would imagine how that world looks like, how they dresses up, what were they doing, according to the description given by the author.

Every day, I would spent all my free time reading. I guess that could have resulted in the introvert me for years before I started to socialise with others. I still remembered I was inspired to be a writer of novels when I grow up after my first dream of being a doctor was discourage by my parents. Now I no longer read friction books as I only read non-friction books and knowledge books.

Here are some examples of my favorite childhood friction books which you all know or might have heard of:

1. Hardy Boys

This book is about solving mysteries where two boys, Frank Hardy and Joe Hardy, and a good friend of theirs loves to solve mysteries but the cases are usually complex and often led up to dangerous criminals and gangs. How the 3 teenage boys (high school years) solved the cases are very adventurous and lots of heart pounding moment. There are a total of more than a 100 series.

2. Harry Potter

I am sure most of you have read or at least watched the movie of Harry Potter. If you haven't, it is about a boy called Harry who saved the wizarding world with his best friends Hermione Ranger and Ron Weasley during their teenage years.

3. The Famous Five

Another famous book that is filled with mysteries and adventures.

4. Mr Midnight

This horror book is more popular in the South East Asia and there is something special about this book. Before each series are published, readers are to write chapter one of the next book and send it to the writer. The chosen story will be continued by the writer and be published as the next series. These series of books are still on going if I am not mistaken.

5. Tin Tin

Finally something related to comics. Another mystery solving and adventure related book. It is a story of a teenage boy traveling around the world with his dog, snowy, and a sailor, solving cases and assist policemen to capture criminals.


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