Inspired by the #20moments posts hence decided to post my #20moments.

Here we go:

1. Received my very first Game Boy Advance from my parents after receiving A for math during Primary 3 as promised by my parents. Even until today, the gaming console is still working although it is in my cupboard collecting dust.

2. Bullied by my best friend when I was young. During my childhood days, I didn't have any friends. One day, a classmate of mine approaches me to be my friend. Excitingly, I accepted. Weeks later, he started to bully me by twisting my arm or pinch me till I bleed if I did not borrow him money. At that time, I was small and weak while he was big in size.

For years, I did not told my parents until one day, they checked my wallet and found out all my pocket money was gone. They forced me to revealed the truth and told his parents about it. If you guess his parents caned him, you are correct. Ever since that incident, he became a changed man.

3. Threw egg yolk underneath the sofa. During my primary 1 or 2 days, my mother gave me hard boiled egg for breakfast. Despite telling her I did not like hard boiled egg's egg yolk, she still gave me the full hard boiled egg and expected me to finish it. While she wasn't looking, I threw the egg yolk underneath the sofa as I knew she would check the bin. Hahaha. Everyday I will throw it underneath the sofa for months.

One day, she sniffed a rotten smell that came from the living room. After searching for a while, she found out that big secret of mine. Guess what. Instead of scolding or caning me, she laughed. Even till today, she still remembered that incident.

4. My favorite plant was killed. I still remember it happened during primary one when my school teacher wanted us to bring a plant that we grew from green beans for 2 weeks.

I roughly remembered that my plant was so beautiful as it even grew a red flower. Happily, I brought it to school and my teacher praise me for having the most beautiful plant. I left it on the table and went for lunch. By the time I came back, someone cut its stem. I remember I cried while everyone comfort me. Until today, I still have no idea who was the culprit.

5. Received my very first computer after PSLE. At that time, my parents felt that it might be useful if I have a computer once I started my secondary life. We were only allowed to use the computer once a week for only 2 hours as my parents afraid we will be addicted to games.

6. My very first GF. During my secondary 3 days, I was playing an online game called Auditionsea Season 2. At that time, I met this girl in the game and we became acquaintance. Soon, we met up a few times and grew closer. Sooner or later, we got together but it didn't last long. One day, she broke up with me and I found out that she has been playing me all along. She was also the one that stole my first kiss. 😅😢

7. 1st place for science during my secondary 1. I was my first time getting first place in something, hence I was really happy.

8. When I was in my Pri 3, I had a high fever of 41°C. I was quickly admitted to KK hospital. However, they could not find the causes of it and they only assured us that it was not caused by dengue. I was then sent back home and given some medication. It lasted for 2 weeks before my temperature dropped. Ever since then, my grades shot up. Maybe the fever causes some brain damaged to me and causes me to be a bit smarter? 😅

9. Received my very first pay check. I still remembered it was my first job in my life as I decided to find a part time job after O levels. Worked at BHG at Bugis+ as some Toy promoter.

10. Did terribly for my O levels and I even received a D7 for my English. I even had suicidal thoughts as coming from the top class in my secondary school, we all had the mindset of ITE is the end of our lives. At that time, my teacher told me that having a D7 for English means that I am still eligible for Polytechnic. Hence I drop the thoughts but as disappointed that I could not enter JC.

11. Getting a 4.0 for my GPA during my Polytechnic year 1 semester one. Didn't really expected that as I spent a lot of time playing Maplestory and hardly studied which I did not even check up on how the GPA system works. At that time, I hoped I get at least 3.4 GPA as I heard that that is the minimum requirement to enter university.

12. Received Gold Medal for Polytechnic-ITE Taekwondo competition. Was really happy as my hard work paid off.

13. Did well academically when I graduated from Polytechnic and made my parents proud. 1st time I graduated with good results. One of the moments I will never forget for my entire life. Received a 3M bronze award as well for getting 3rd place in my course. Parents were given VIP seats for graduation ceremony and VIP buffets after the ceremony. All my classmates graduated with high spirits as well.

14. 14 July 2015, enlistment into the military which is mandatory for all Singaporean citizens and Permanent Residents. I still remember while I was waiting for the ferry to fetch my parents and I to Pulau Tekong, I had cold butterflies in my stomach and at the same time feeling excited over the next chapter of my life. Felt sad as I would lose my freedom, waking up early everyday, face hardships, independence, homesick.

15. My first live grenade firing. I tell you, it was really awesome! It is a one time experience for many of us but I seriously enjoyed it. Initial, many scenarios ran through my mind such as what if the grenade suddenly explode while it was still resting on my chest, what if I failed to throw and the grenade exploded in the bay and I died. Once I threw the grenade and ducked behind the wall, the explosion feeling was feeling was good. It feels like listening to a very loud bass.

16. Field camp in my Basic Military Training for 6 days. Man, I tell you. It is the 1st time I am in complete darkness. At night, the forest is so dark that you nearly can't see anyone even he/she is standing in front of you, let alone 👻. I still remember during patrol, I was afraid I might fall into the shell scape any moment. Hahaha

17. Shooting my first target during my rifle live firing. While queue up for my turn to shoot, I kept jumping as my body was constantly shocked by the loudness of the firing. Was very surprised that I hit the target. It was my first time shooting in my life.

18. 24KM route march. Anyone who been through it will tell you it is one of their most memorable moment in their life. It was really tiring and my mind kept telling me to give up. Walking past lamp poles after lamp poles. The journey seems to take forever to reach. The feeling when reached the destination was really awesome. All I wanted was to sleeeeeppppp… During the BMT graduation, we yelled and threw out cap high up into the air. Everyone was very happy. End of the beginning..

19. Gold in IPPT. Did not expected that. Before my first try, I was aiming for Silver as every since the IPPT system changed, I could not get back my Silver, only a pass. But I was kind of training for Gold as well as it is one of the requirement to crossover to SCS to be a sergeant. First try the result came out and it was 81 points. Decided to try again. 2nd time 83points. 3rd time, finally it is 86 points which I finally have a gold.

20. Finally something not related to Army. I found my passion for photography. Although I have a few other passion which I discovered years ago such as Biotechnology; astronomy; IT (security); photography is something new. Didn't know I would be interested in it during Instagram made me discover this new passion. I love to see good photos taken by others and I like to take photos as well. Decided to buy my 1st DSLR next month. We will see about that. 😁

Well, that concludes the end of the #20moments. Hope you have enjoyed reading if you find it interesting, I hope. 😅

Going for a 3.5km run now. Going to defeat my previous record of 17:37mins. Looking forward to read everyone else's 20moments. Lastly, I would like to thank @lianmeiting for this. Really enjoyed reading and writing the 20 moments. 😊

Just came back from the run. 16:26mins. An improvement by 1:11min. Hahaha. 111, I love it.

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