1. A Boy & A Caterpillar

I still remember there is a story of a Caterpillar who lives happily moving from plants to plants eating leaves. As the time reaches, it wraps itself in leaves and took days to finally become a butterfly. As it tries to break opened the leaves, it struggled.

A little boy then came by and watched the whole process. Out of kindness after seeing the butterfly struggled for the long time, he uses a scissors to cut open. The butterfly tried to fly no matter how much it tried but its wings are too weak to do. Sooner or later, it died as it could not look for food.

Serving in the military has definitely made me grown up, more independent and toughen me up. Maybe being a martial artist before I enlisted into the military, might have helped me to endure hardships. It saddens me to see some not able to endure the hardship or maybe changes in life that they chose the other path. I hope they will rest in peace and are in a better place now.

2. Leadership

Leaders are not born, leaders are made. I used to believe that this sentence is not true until I enlisted into the army. Since young, I did not have any leadership quality as I always fail to lead. Hence whenever an activity asked for a leader, I will hide. However, being an IC twice during my current days in the Air Force, it taught me that a leader needs to see the overall picture unlike being a member. It taught me to have more confidence and make the right decision.

I really hope the future enlistees will look forward to National Service to change their lives than to be intimidated by it.


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