Yesterday I spent my whole afternoon applying for NUS as a lot of work are needed to be done and fill up. The application form is so long that it seems to take forever to complete . 😓 It took me quite a while to think of what to write for my 2000 words essay as been in the military for 7 months, I lost the feel on what to write. Last year, I wanted to apply but the website had issues hence I only applied this year.

Spent the whole of my morning playing #dota2 and watching dance video by One Million Studio. They are a famous Korean dance studio which you might have heard of. They dance moves are so cool and so nice.. How I wish I can dance and dance as good as them.

Heading back to camp now. Time passes by quickly if you are having fun, but passes slowly if you are not.

Spent my morning walking through thick vegetation and I feel like raising my white flag. Have not even start of cycle and I am already a bit tired. Boots all muddy, stung multiple times by mosquitoes, poked by tall grass, uneven land and beside us was a dense forest. Doing this checking duty for the 3rd time but the past two time was easy paths. Still not bad, made me miss the infantry days.


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