Nothing much happened for the past few days. As usual, weekend breakfast are the best as it is from some other camp or so hence the breakfast is different. Usually, weekday breakfast is always Bun and Lo Mai Gai (glutinous rice with chicken). Weekend breakfast will range from Noodles, fried rice to kway teow ( stir-fry ricecake strips).

I cannot believe how unfit I have become where running around for an hour with some heavy vest and a rifle which weights around 10kg I guess, made me breathless. Miss those infantry days where I was way fitter. One of the training was I had to stand near the main road outside of camp, it was nice to see passer-by's reaction as they stare at me with amazement. It is a rare opportunity to see military in action.

Every year I will spend my Valentine's day in at home play Dota the whole day with a friend of mine. This year, he finally has a girlfriend. Luckily, for me, this year I am stuck in camp if not there won't be anyone to accompany me to Doto.


It was my first time eating this pineapple tart and trust me, it is the best pineapple tart I have eaten. It is very crunchy and soft when you bite it. However it is a little too sweet but manageable. It is given by my camp so I am not sure where to purchase this. The website given at the back of the wrapping is which you can visit if you are interested.


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