[090216] 2nd day of CNY

Spent my 2nd day of CNY traveling around Marina Bay with family while taking some photographs.

Rarely do I travel to the CBD area and I noticed this really cool looking tower.

Decided to walk around the Marina Bay Sands Expo since the last time I went there was one year ago.

Came across the Super Heroes Cafe. Is it new or I have never been to this part of the Expo. It is located at #01-03. Do drop by if you are a big fan of DC comics.

Human size batman car

Besides selling cakes and coffees, they sell this as well.

Head to this place since the channel 8 news have been advertising it. That is not me by the way.

Took a walk around this big river mouth.

Paid Far East Square a visit.

Last photo of the day before the sky darkens.



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