Happy New Year!

How is everyone feeling so far? Enjoyed the whole night playing mahjong, gamble, etc? Well, I fell asleep 5 mins after the clock struck midnight because I need to return to camp today.

According to my Chinese Zodiac, in the year of the monkey, I should wear green. Well, I am wearing green all the time as the army uniform in Singapore is green in color!

Scrolling through Instagram and saw many OOTDs as they visit their friends or relative houses during 初 一 (day one of Chinese New Year) while I am stuck in Air Force camp reading the book "Winning" which I posted a picture of it yesterday, or I am watching live stream of Doto on twitch.tv due to free data for all Singtel postpaid users.

To my non-chinese followers, during day one of Lunar New Year, we will wear new clothes and visit the home of our relative with two Mandarin orange in exchange for red packets from those who are married. Red packets, which contains a sum of money, are given by the married couple to singles and wishes them good health, improve in studies or grow taller and become mature. Visiting of relative houses start of by visiting the eldest (father's or mother's older brother or sister) to the youngest.

During the visit, guest will be offered drinks and lunar new year delights such as pineapple tarts, egg rolls, and many more. Some will gamble such as playing blackjacks, mahjong while others will be talking and catching up with one other. Some will be watching television while children will be playing.


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