This morning I just found out that I have spilled my bottle of shampoo… It was still 2/3 unused…😭

Previous we were staying in another bunk which doesn't have a locker hence we always stow our stuff in our bag. Somehow the cap broke by the time we move to another bunk which has a locker. As long as the shampoo is standing still, it is fine.

Two days ago when I place my shower gel into the locker and it must have knocked onto the shampoo. It topped without a sound hence I did not notice as I was in a rush as well. Didn't open my locker even since then as I went home after that. Book in yesterday and my duty lasted the whole day until this morning. By time I came back to bunk to shower, that's when I found out what happened. 😒

After cleaning up the mess, I tried to stay positive that it is book out and reunion dinner tomorrow. Hope it works. 😞


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