Didn't really have much sleep for the plus feel days and to add on to that, I have been drinking much water for the past few weeks. I guess that resulted in me to fall sick since Saturday morning. Luckily there wasn't any turn out last night if not I would have been dead. Just book out a few hours ago and booking in tomorrow. I guess I don't have enough rest to recover.

Since the beginning of last week, I planned to travel to Ang Mo Kio – Bishan park tomorrow to take some photographs but I guess I have to cancel the plan since I am not feeling well.

Remember during the start of the year where I said that I will be getting a #DSLR or a #mirrorless? Wanted to get Olympus Pen F or Sony A6000 but after getting some advice from a friend of mine, I decided to go for DSLR instead of mirrorless. Currently interested in #Nikon D7200. What do you all think?


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