Oh no! Yesterday I transferred the photos that I took at Chinatown to dropbox but due to the bad connections here, I am unable to download plus my internet data usage of 3gb will burn out easily. Last night I should have transferred the pictures directly from my camera phone to my non-camera phone through Bluetooth. I guess I only can post pictures of my adventure on the next book out which is Wednesday night. šŸ˜¢

To add on to that, I just dropped my SGHITECH phone for the 1st time. šŸ˜­

My bunk is the role model for stand-by-area. Woohoo! šŸ™Œ Stand-by-area means our bunk have to be 100% clean where there are no dirt and dusts. Every think have to be in a neat and tidy condition. Usually we will be given a short period of time to do some spring cleaning.

Time to take a rest before start of duty later. We just sent our old bedsheets and changing for a new sheets soon. Where is my new bedsheets??? I want to slleeeeeppppppp…..

Yay! Caught this mouse! Woohoo! Finally! Haven't been trying to catch this mouse for weeks. Now left with trying to earn enough Fool's Gold for the SLAC II trap, Claw Shot Base, and the Claw Shot City theme.

#mousehunt #mh


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