CNY Decorations | Cite Roll

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and my house is already filled up with decorations to lift up the atmosphere.

Homemade lantern

Decorations purchased from Chinatown.

#cny #decorations


You looked so beautiful in that black dress
You looked so pretty when you smile that makes me unconsciously smiles back
How I wish I can tell you how I truly feels


Went to this particular restaurant, shall call it PD, with my friends for lunch and the meat tasted bad. The noodles and other dishes are still as good as ever but the meat became so hard and tasted weird. Feeling very disappointed as I haven't been to that restaurant (causeway point and Vivo city outlets) for months and it used to taste very good.

Not sure why whenever I upload a photo to dayre, the photo appears out of focus. Will be very grateful if someone can explain to me how to solve this issue.

Anyway, purchase the Cite Roll from a bazaar beside Causeway Point. It cost $4 which is a ice-cream mixed with 2 favours of your choice. There are a total of 12 types of choices if I am not wrong. There are strawberry+nutella, Milo+nutella, and many more.

I chose Nutella+Oreo. You may think at it is too sweet, but surprisingly, it isn't. In fact, the sweetness is just nice. It tasted not bad. By the way, if you are wondering if the fruits in it such as strawberries or bananas are artificial favoring, you are wrong. They uses real fruits and they will show you the process by mashing the fruits and mixing it with ice cream right in front of you on the spot. Feel free to try it if you are nearby.

#food #icecreams


Just came back from Chinatown with family. Shall post photos of it tomorrow as I need to wake up early tomorrow to go back to camp so need to hit the sack soon.


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