Beauty lies on the eye of the beholder

In the wee hours while waited for the next duty to begin, my friends and I were watching Asia's Next Top Model on channel 5. We are not girly as there are no other interesting shows at 2am. Anyway, back to the topic. In episode 3, all the contestants were require to do a makeover. Initially, they were all excited until they realized that most of them were required to cut short hair. If you are thinking if they were crying, you are right.

After the hair cut by the professional hair stylist, many of the model contestants did not like their new look. However, my friends and I agreed that the new hair style suits them and make them looked even better and more fashionable.

This reminded me that whenever I have a new hair cut, I usually do not like my new hair as I found it ugly but my parents will usually commented that the new hair style suits me better. I guess usually we all are blinded by how we want it to look like but not what actually suits us.

Trust the eyes of the third party than yourself.


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