Was really tired yesterday. Had straight more than 9 hours of duty without any breaks in between and had lack of sleep the day before. Thankfully yesterday's new duty that started from the evening was more relaxing and longer breaks for me to sleep.

Yesterday I made a mistake of the timing which the transport will leave the center for our duty venue as usually the interval timing for the transport to leave the center is the same except for that particular time. It caused me to be late for the transport but not late for duty. But I caused the transport to wait for me and others to have lesser rest time. Felt so bad about it.

Yesterday, i hurt my leg after jumping off the tonner. Others and I usually jump off the tonner without any issues but yesterday I kind of sprained my leg or something as I landed on an uneven ground. What added to that was my weight as I was wearing a vest and carry a rifle which was heavier and causes the impact to be greater. I have learnt my lesson not to jump off the tonner again.

Did not see the doctor but kind of feeling much better now. Hope today will be a better day.


Saw this post on Facebook yesterday as he became the celebrity of the day in Singapore. I felt sorry for this guy as he received a lot of hateful commends and mocked by many. However, his expression is how every new enlistees feel/felt when they first enlist but the whole difference is many do not show it out.

When enlisting into the #military on the first day, many will feel depressed, unhappy, worried, angry, excited, or loss of freedom. These emotions are triggered due to many reasons.

Loss of freedom

Upon entering the military, every enlistee or military personnel will lose their freedom as they will no longer be able to do what they love to do all the time except when they book out (go home) for 2 days.

Worried, unhappy, excited, angry

In the military, it is all about the ranks. Recruits will have a hard life as they are the lowest life form on earth and are treated like one. They will be punish over small stuff, constantly in push-up position, wake up at 5:30am every morning or earlier, discipline, no more good food, constantly being screamed at, hardships, out of comfort zone (sleeps with strangers, live in forest, etc), no more food of their choice, do their own chores.

Most are worried due to the stories they have heard or movies they have seen regarding #NS, #army, or #bmt life but actually, army life is not as bad as what they thought before they enlist.


After a day or two, many will become homesick as they think of their parents, their love ones, their bed, and everything they once had.

Overall, army life isn't that bad and BMT is actually fun and easy as compared to the actual army life they are going to face after they POP. But by that time, they are more or less used to this kind of lifestyle. Army will shape a boy to a responsible, independent, and a tougher person that can face hardship and challenges in life after they ORD.

Learned my lesson not to follow blindly. With the recent incidents, 2016 doesn't seems to be a very good year for me.


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