Back to camp

Woke up at 5am to prepare to leave camp at 6am to PLAB for a short and slow 3am run that took 14min. We ran as a squadron hence it took so long to complete. After the run, we had breakfast buffet and some photo takings..

Just came back to camp and going to bath now. Will be starting duty soon. I need my slleeeeppppp…..

Need to complete these courses in this winter event a few more times and I will be able to purchase these two bases in #mousehunt :

Once I get these two bases, I will be heading back to Furoma to earn more money for traps. 😁

This cat is me after the abs work out. Been training everyday since the second day of the new year but did not train yesterday. To compensate for that, I did 50 knee benders, 50 flutter kicks, 50 bicycles, 50 crunches, 2 sets of each exercises.

Btw, I love Oliver stickers. I find them so cute! Haha. Maybe it is because I love cats. This is one of my favorite stickers. 😍😅


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