Ever since last night, I lost every game in doto. 😭 To add on to that, I need to book in (go back to camp) tonight instead of tomorrow morning as there will be a event at some other camp tomorrow morning. 😢

Life hasn't been so well lately. Haiz… Shall find some meaningful stuff to do for the whole of today before booking in tonight.

Spent my afternoon watching "Prison Break Season 2". Haven't watched it for nearly a month. It is one of the nicest and very exciting American TV series with a lot of twists in the story.

Saw this game from humble bundle today and paid $2 for this awesome game. Usually it costs $29 but in humblebundle.com , everything sells at a cheaper price, starting from $1 which comes as a package with lots of games inside. You can pay any amount of money you want as it is for Charity. Some of the games will cost more. Every week they will change the games up for sale. The games they sell are usually for steam (gaming platform) only. They sell other stuff such as e-books as well.

This game is about a guy, murdered by some mysterious man and his spirit wanders around looking for answers. When he 1st died, he met his wife at the border to the other world as his wife has already passed away quite sometime ago. To cross over to join her, he 1st need to finish his unfinished business which is to hunt down the murderer who killed him. This is a FPS game where you (playing as him) will be travelling around the town, room to room, streets, corridors, etc, like a real person.

This is a game that looks for clues, solve mysteries, and some heart pounding moments such as avoiding demons that will try to kill him (ghost form).

This is an example of how the gameplay looks like. You will be moving around using that ghostly character in the dark grey clothing with orange gun shot wounds. Quite a fun game I would say but good patience is a must for this game.

Just reach camp and I am already thinking about the outside world. Going to be incarcerate for the next 3 days. 😭 Can someone save me and get me out of here? 😢


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