Today's duty was pretty relaxing. Duty for a few hours and gets to sleep most of the time. I was the luckily few to receive relaxing duty for today. Breakfast and lunch was pretty good. Breakfast was fried noodles and lunch was sweet and sour chicken rice. Felt like a sloth. Eat and sleep, sleep and eat. Hahaha.

I am booking out now! Yay! Remember my yesterday's post regarding the IC issue? Seems like they do not intend to pursue the matter. So I am currently on my home. 😁

Did 50 crunches, 50 flutter kicks, 50 bicycles, flutter kicks position (both legs straighten, pointing 45 degrees towards the air) for 1 minute and 1 minute of planks for my abs training. Flutter kicks and planks are additional exercises as compared to yesterday's training. Currently my motivation and determination is still going strong. Hope I can keep it up.

Decided to spend money to buy these stickers as they are really really cute 😱😍 and I want to support the developers, @blog , for their hard work to develop and maintain such an awesome app. Being a programmer myself, I know the sweat and hard work put in and the hours spent debugging. Hope these small amount of money can contribute a bit to their remunerations and fee to maintain the servers.

This sticker reminded me of my FYP days where my friends did the exact same thing. They would seat on the chair and let the other person push their chair along the long stretch of corridor right outside of the laboratory. Haha. So much memories.

Wise words…


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