Woke up this morning having the motivation and determination to work towards one of my goal in 2016 which is to achieve 6 abs.

Did 50 crunches, 50 bicycles and one minute of flutter kicks position (45 degrees to towards the air), one set of each since I have not trained for more than two months. Shall slowly increase the intensity as the weeks goes by.

Just finished lunch not long ago. Going to start my duty soon. Now taking a break and reading some books.

Due to no break in between my old duty and my new duty, I rushed and ran for my life to my bunk to grab my vest before running to draw my rifle and ammo. I had to skip dinner because of that. However, I forgot to pass my identification card (IC) to the armskote in exchange for the rifle. He did not ask for my IC as well. By the time I reach my destination, I suddenly recall I have not passed him my IC. He was angry because of that. I hope I don't sign extra as going home is precious. 😢


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