Good morning!

Having my breakfast now before heading back to camp soon. Having prata and apples for breakfast but kind of lazy to dig out my camera phone to take a picture of it. My camp do not allows camera phone hence I am writing this post with a non-camera phone (previously mentioned on day 336 post).

Today is the last day of year 2015, I purposely left the #My2015 post as the last post of the year.

Let's see. 2015 has been a very great year for me although there were ups and downs. The first half of the year was awesome for me as it contains mostly ups while the second half of the year was when I enlisted into the military.

1) The first half of the year was my final year project (FYP) in my polytechnic (poly) which was also my final two months before I graduated from poly. It was one of the best experience in poly where I had lots of fun with friends, doing experiments, and bonding sessions with our friends for the one last time. I did well for my FYP and received an A for me which made me very happy after putting so much hard work and OT nearly everyday.

2) Left the world of k-pop after being a crazy fan for nearly four years. Shall talk about my days as a k-pop fan on another post next time.

3) Found a well paid temporary job for 3-months before enlistment into the military. Made a lot of new friends such as @vincentseah and learned skills regarding auditing.

4) Received a letter from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) that I have been accepted into major in computer science and minor in business. Back then I was very elated.πŸ˜„

5) Graduation ceremony was held in May and it was one of the proudest moment I had in life. My very first achievement in academic which I graduated with flying colors and getting a 3rd place in my course that made my parents proud as they were given VIP seats and VIP tea ceremony. This was the moment that I will never forget for the rest of my life.

6) This was when everything started to go wrong. It all begins with an embarrassing incident when I was rejected by my 5 years close friend after confessing to her. Decided to confess to her before I enlisted as I don't know when would I had the chance. Friendzoned is the term for it.😒

7) Enlistment into the military. The worst nightmare of year 2015. However, many lessons and skills were learned after I enlisted. I have learnt to be independent such as managing my own stuff, wash clothes, learned to live out of my comfort zone, and most importantly, I learned to survive on my own. Life in the military trained us to be more careful and treasure the little things that we always took it for granted. I have also become a tough person after going through all the hardships.

8) Created my dayre account. The last time I blogged (diary) was 6 years ago.

9) 1st time gold in IPPT.

10) I landed myself in TAB which is my final permanent posting (including reservice). The worst news I ever received this year. Life here and the food here are not that good as compared to other camps. Misses my days in Clementi camp where life is good and the food is way better than most of the food sold in the outside word. Made a lot of new friends such as @bkiat2016

11) Stuck in camp for both New year's eve and new year while all my friends are going to catch fireworks without me. 😭

These are roughly what happened to me this year. Looking forward to year 2016 and hope it will be a better year.

It is useless to cry over spilled milk. What you can do is to treasure what is left.

Today's lunch in camp is awesome! I guess it is due to New year's eve and they are compensating us with some good food. We had chicken satay, fried rice, fried chicken, fried dumpings, and long beans in curry sauce that tasted really good. πŸ˜‹

CO has announced that they will be ordering good food for us for dinner tonight. Received some tip off that it is KFC. Well, at least it is better than the usual camp food and it is something different.

Watching channel 5's Thursday movie "Streetdance" now while waiting for dinner to arrive before heading off for duty to countdown in some ulu place that is surrounded by forest. I like to watch people dance especially hip hop and break dance but never do I have talent in dancing. Just enjoy watching it as it intoxicates me and makes me feels like dancing as well. Of course, I won't dance as I am bad in it.


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