Happy New Year!

Happy new year!

Hopefully 2016 will be a better year. This post shall be dedicated to #2016Resolutions .

There are many things that I would like to do or accomplish in year 2016.

1) Improve my English. Although English is my 1st language, I am not very good in it as you can see from my posts. I am bad in languages which includes Mandarin and Japanese as I am more of a science person. However, I am determine to be able to speak the Queen's English one day.

2) Learn Russian! 😁 Have already started learning some basic Russian words last year before I even enlisted. However, the progress was slow as I didn't put in lots of effort. Shall put in lots of effort for the whole of this year.

3) I would like to purchase my very first DSLR/mirrorless camera. I have always love to take pictures using my phone camera but one day, I started to find the limitations of it and decided to go for a digital camera. Having the thought of buying one since the start of last year but have not purchased any because I do not know what camera to buy due to me being new to photography. Currently Olympus EM-1 series is in my mind unless someone has a better suggestion for me.

4) That's not mine but I certainly would like to have 6-abs one day. In year 2015, I worked out for a few months before giving up as there were no results before having the motivation to work out again for 3 months but guess what, I gave up again after no results were produced. Worked out everyday but it was a futile attempt. Shall start working out again and hopefully get the result I want. 😅

Hope 2016 will be a better year for everyone. Once again, happy new year, Dayreans!


Feeling really sad right now as it is going to be the last day doing duty with my buddy, my bunkmates all the way back to 8SIR and our current platoon mates. Will rarely see them again and no longer have the chance to do duty with them anymore as many will be going over to another platoon while I am the other half that are staying. Going to see lots of unfamiliar faces soon.


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