2nd last day of 2015

Woke up at 8am today. Very surprised that I have slept for so long as I slept at 10:30pm yesterday. Usually I will wake up at 4am due to my body clock although I can sleep as much as I want whenever I am back home. My body must be exhausted from my duties for the past few days.

Just finished reading this book. It is a really good book. It was written by a late Singapore famous criminal lawyer, Subhas Anandan. Some of neighboring countries might know him if they watches Singapore's television channel 5 as he appears on shows occasionally regarding his views and some of the cases he had fought.

The first half of the book talks about his childhood, how did he become a lawyer and his days in prison after being famed and finally cleared his name before continuing to be a laywer. The second half of the books talks about some of his cases that he would like to share to the general public.

Many different aspect of people went to find him for help. There were murderers, culpable homicide, conman, loan sharks, etc, that were brilliant but chose the wrong path, agitated due to being offended or "lose face", blinded by love, or addicted to gambling. Many life lessons were learned after reading this book and examples were shown that even the most heinous offenders have a good side in them. This book is strongly recommended to all.

Pocky as snacks in the late afternoon. Haven't eaten this for a very long time.

Going back to camp tomorrow morning. Feeling so sad. Every year I will be camping with my friends near Marina Bay Sands expo to catch the fireworks but ever since I enlisted into the military this year, my friends will be going there again without me. Going to spend the new year and new year's eve in camp. 😭😭😭


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