Dear Dayreans

I am feeling so tired due to the lack of sleep a day and the inconsistent sleeping timing. Many in other vocations such and infantry and the elite units such as Commando, guards and NDU may look down on my vocation as my vocation is consider as the most relaxing vocation as compared to them. Their training and hardship are more than mine. But without us, they won't be safe which resulted in Singapore to be safe as well.

Everyone from my vocation sacrificed our weekends (alternate), sleeps, public holidays so that the rest of the vocations can go back home and enjoy their time with their family and friends. However, many do not appreciate us and hated us for causing their life's in military to be less smooth sailing as well as we are more relaxing as compared to them but little do they know what we actually do as they know what we do from the outside instead of behind the scenes.

Just like this coming New Year which I will be in camp while every other vocations get to go home. I guess I have to bare with it for another 1 year 5 months before I am out of the military.


Day one of duty is finally coming to an end. Going to start day 2 of duty soon. Can't wait to go home after tomorrow to stay at home for one day before going back to camp and stay in camp for New Year. The next duty starting soon is going to be a different duty and the most tiring out of all duties. Going to brace myself for the upcoming tough trainings.


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