More presents! | State of denial

Received more presents when I attended church this morning. Been receiving shirts as a gift for my birthday and now Christmas. Really like it as it is feasible.

Gave out my presents as well. Hope she will like it…

Going back to camp in the late afternoon. Feels like mandatory incarceration. The thought of the need to go back to camp destorys ones mood.

Wander should I doto. Afraid that I will feel wasted after playing it.

Just finished the 1st part of my response force duty. Feeling a bit tired. Have the craving for sweet drinks but I am telling myself no to sweet drinks. Lately I haven't been working out intensively hence I felt that I am getting less fit and becoming fatter. So I need to control my diet and work out more.

My next duty starts in the wee hours so I guess this is going to be the last post of the day. Going to take a nap now. Goodnight Dayreans!


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