One-headed & the two-headed serpent

I am sure many of you have heard before that Japanese used to say that human have 3 faces/masks/selves. The 1st mask they show it to the world. The 2nd mask they show it to their close friends or family. Finally, the final mask is the only mask they will know how it looks like.

In our daily lives, we tended to meet two faces people that shows you a good side of them and hid the bad side. Or they will pretend to be good to you but they will tend to stab you at the back or pretended to like.

However, that usually occurs in office, or school contexts. In the army, it is totally different. After being in the military for 5 months, I can assure that most people in the army are one-headed. Meaning to say they only show one side to everyone here which is their true selves. If A does not like B, he will not hide his true feelings. B will project it out and humiliate A if he feels like it.

Been in the military for 5 months, I realized that the minority people that are usually kind/good hearted aren't really that kind. No matter how good they usually treat others, there will be one or two people they cannot stand and they will humiliate that person. In the military seems like everyone displays their 3rd mask openly despite not knowing that others well. Maybe it is because we spend 24hours together that resulted in this. I don't know.

What saddens me is that the real good hearted people are rarer than the world thinks.

Today's hokkien mee from camp is really good. Have not eaten such yummy hokkien mee for quite a while. In fact, it is way better than many of the hokkien mee out there.


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