Finally get to rest at home again. The past few days were nightmares. Temperory posted to Response Force for 3 days and I was so tired after that. I had lack of sleep, inconsistent sleeping hours, and the training was quite tough. Glad that it is all over.

Guess what? I am all ready for Christmas. Yay! Finished wrapping up my presents and ready to send them off. I do not prepare any presents for anyone as I am not used to giving people presents and people doesn't give me presents.

Last year, I suddenly received presents and was very awkward as I didn't not prepare any presents for them. So this year, time to out presents. 😁

Spent sometime on this Sudoku puzzle this morning. Haven't done any Sudoku for years. Felt great after completing it.

Yes, celebrating Christmas in Singapore is like celebrating Christmas on a beach during summer. We only have rain or shine. No snow, no cooling weather. Currently, the weather here is scorching hot.

How I wish I can celebrate Christmas in a winter environment where there are snows everywhere. I guess I can only visit countries like the USA, England, Korea or Japan during the Christmas season after i finish serving in the military.


My neighbour just came back from Japan and purchased some snacks for us. The silver packet with red label was really good. It is a semi-cake/biscuit that is a bit soft and crispy at the same time. There are raisins inside as well. It is very hard to decrible how does it taste like but when you eat it, it is the best feeling in the world.


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