A day out

Start of the day with something healthy. Oat drink that contains oats, black sugar, flax seeds, black sesame, water.

Then accompany by something unhealthy for breakfast. Chocolate mousse from Swee Heng. 😋

Suki-ya for lunch. I missed my favorite cheese balls.😍 I must be really hungry today such that I ate non-stop. Enjoyed lunch before booking in tonight. The thought of going back to camp tonight makes me feel so sad.

Pool time! The last time I played #pool was before I enlisted. Became so bad at it that I lost every rounds to my friends. 😂

Spent sometime at the bowling alley as well. I am so bad at bowling. Can someone teach me how to spin or play bowling with proper techniques? 😭

This is how the place look like where we played pool (credit to my friend who took this shot). I really like the environment. This place is at the level 2 of the bowling center near Heartland mall, Kovan. It is only $10 per hour during happy hours which is rather affordable. Everything there are really new especially the pool tables and balls.


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