(Rants) | Vrooommmm | Life is horrible

Yesterday was the one of the most tiring day ever. Woke up at 4:30am and was ready to start by duty before 6am as it was very far away from my bunk. Was on my duty from 6am to 8pm and didn't really rested. I was really bored as duty my short rest, that I used my phone despite I do not have a charger in camp. My phone was screaming at me to stop squeezing electricity out of its soulmate.

Just when I reached the main center after my duty ends, I realized my duty started at 8:30pm which was 15mins away.

What the heck???!

The mindblown me rushed back to bunk to collect my vest before rushing back to the center. By that time, it was already 8:33pm. Had not had my dinner before I started my next duty. Had a quick cold dinner during duty after given permission by the Sergeant.

The duty lasted till midnight when something unexpected came up. I was talking to the Sergeant and my duty buddy when suddenly we heard roars of car engines. Upon seeing the confused face of my duty buddy and I, the Sergeant filled us with details that once a while during midnight along the road just right outside the base, there will be car drag race. Quickly, we ran out of the shelter to witness it. I have read of drag race in my country before but last night was my first time witnessing it.

Life is so horrible. I am one of the six to cover duty on Thursday morning so I need to book in tomorrow night. This means I can't join my friends to go to Gardens by the Bay tomorrow night for the Christmas event there which was all over blogs.


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