Woke up a few times in the middle of the night. Today is suppose to be the day that I can naturally wait up in the late morning but I guess my body is used to the military life style of waiting up early before dawn as well sudden turn out in the middle of the night. 😔

Cakes again for breakfast. Nowadays my parents kept on purchasing lots of different type of cakes which I have no idea why.😅 But it is a good thing as I can have them for breakfast whenever I comehome from military to save some trouble getting my own breakfast. 😁

Guess what cake is this? It's called Golden Almond Pound Cake from S.D.S bakery. Apparently this is the only piece left for me to try out. It tasted pretty good. 😋

Found this in a goodie bag that was given to my family during my graduation parade from celementi camp one month ago. Didn't really miss that place but I missed the food served there. It was really good. In fact, among 3 camps/based that I have already went to, Clementi camp is the only camp that serves good food most of the time. I will never have the chance to taste the food again as I am no longer part of them.

As usual, I am always late. Was meeting my best friend, Dory, for lunch and I was late again. In the past I was always early. However, I started to be late for meeting or classes ever since the final year of my polytechnic days.

Went to Xin Wang restaurant at JEM with Dory for lunch and the food changes a lot. Haven't eat there for half a year but the food wasn't as good as it used to be. Hence was kind of disappointed.

Dory and I frequently meet up at least once twice a week to catch up with each other. Both of us used to be kind of enemies back in polytechnic (in short Poly) year one. Not really enemies but more a rival in terms of studying. Back in year one, I was pretty shy and only had one friend. That friend of mine was shy as well. So shy boy and shy boy group up together to become friends. So both of us stick together like glue for one and a half year. Both of us have the same interest and studies hard.

Both of us were doing pretty well in studies and of course, rivals were created. The other group have a few students doing well as well which one of their group members was Dory. We will tend to compete which each other and both of our groups will not talk to each other.

This actually lasted for one and a half year before one of their group member, Jessica, became friends with my only friend, JY, back then. So slowly, our group merged.

So one day Dory's Jessica's group spilt and both of them joined JY and I. Over the years we became closer. By then Dory and I became close friends. It was until upon graduation when we became best friends. Although she is 3 years older than me, I guess because she is a Virgo and I am a Scorpio that causes us to have alike mind, get a long with each other well, share secrets, and so on.

Phew~ Thought that my portable charger broken down after not using it for more than half a year. Apparently it is fine, after testing it out on another phone of mine. Seems like it is not compatible with my non-camera phone.

Heard from my military buddy that this is a really good book hence decided to head to the library to borrow it before heading home. This book is so famous that this book from other libraries are on loan and there are total of 7 reservations for this book. Decided to place my reservation for this book as well but it is definitely going to take a while before this book reached my hands.


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