Lazy me | Life in the Army

Not exactly waiting for my meal like the cat in this picture but I am too lazy to change to the army uniform from my admin attire and travel for more than 1km just for breakfast and lunch before going back to bunk and change back to my admin attire. Usually there will be people taking turns to bring food back but today I am the only one in bunk since I am the only one without any duty for the day.

Have been eating some snacks that I have brought in to camp as my breakfast and lunch for today. I guess laziness has caught up with me. 3 more hours and I will be having a properly meal since everyone needs to gather near the place where we usually have our meal for an announcement of the list of duty we will be doing individually tonight and tomorrow.

Came across this while spending sometime on Facebook. All the 6 scenarios in the pictures are pretty true.

1) Being the I/C (in-charge) of the platoon, life is going to be horrible for the next few weeks before the sergeant decides to change a new I/C. I/C must know the drills commands (in Malayu), count strength in less than 10 seconds or else everyone will be impatient, know where your comrades/platoonmates are at all time even if they went somewhere without notifying you. If they are missing when Sergeant orders you to count strength and you do not know where they are, you are screwed.

You will be ordered to knock it down "push-ups", do some tough physical training on the spot as punishment. During field camp, everyone has to stay in the jungle for days. During that period of time people will tend to venture off without telling the IC. Not only that, sergeants tend to be more strict and the punishment will be worse than usual. Hence everyone avoids being the I/C for field camp.

2) In the army, they always want you to have sense of urgency (display it) when traveling from point to point. Commanders doesn't like it if men (low ranks) walk or take their time even when there are lots of time left. Hence this phrase is very common in the army "Rush to wait, wait to rush". If you take your time after they issue a sarcastic warning (shown in the picture), commanders will conduct physical training as punishment on the spot.

3) Taking care of your stuff is important which means you are not even allowed to leave it unattended at all times. Commanders loves to take away rifles that are not well guarded by the owner. If the rifle has be taken away, owners must face one of the worse punishment which is known as confinement. Confinement means you are not allowed to go home for a day while everyone else gets to go home for two days during the weekends. Book out (go home) is very precious to everyone.

4) Commanders sometimes will give nearly impossible task or timing to complete a task. Everyone has no choice but to find all means to make it happen.

5) Basic Military Training (BMT) only last for 2 months. Those who just POP will tend to be very happy, thinking that all the hardship is over but later do they know the remaining 1 year 8 months are even worse.

6) It is a common trend to see soldiers not able to think clearly when putting on the helmet. No one knows the reason why but everyone blames the weight of the helmet pressing against their head that causes their IQ to drop.



Sometimes I find that I am very straight forward whenever I speak as I tend not to think before I speak. When writing or messaging, I will think before I write anything but when speaking, I will vomit out stuff that comes to my mind. I guess this is something I need to work on. Hopefully when 2016 comes, I will be able to successfully remove this bad habit and think before I speak.


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