Phew! Thought I lost my Air Force beret last Friday when i was having dinner outside after booked out as I wasn't in a good mood. Found out that my beret was missing this morning (usually I will place it in the storage where all my army stuff are and not touch it again until book in so I did not notice that it was missing until just now).

I was on my way to the train station while updating Dayre when I suddenly remembered that I had placed it under the bed to season it while at the same time, my mood was really down. I guess that causes me to not remember that incident before I left home. Thank goodness it is not lost and I can now go back to camp with my mind at ease

Chocolate cake for yestersay's breakfast. A treat for myself after staying in camp for days.

I didn't do much during my free time yesterday. Once again wasted my day playing Dota and watching Prison Break. Hopefully I will be spending my coming book out more wisely. Maybe I should make a trip to Orchard Road to witness the beautiful decorations for Christmas.

Surprisingly, I am the only one from my batch that doesn't have duty today. Can't believe it. 😁 Haha. Spent my time watching "The Blacklist" America TV series as I have so much free time.

Shall continue to read the book "Tuesdays with Morrie" by Mitch Albom. I mentioned and gave some reviews on this book in my day 336 post. Oh gosh. Can't believe I have not finished reading this book. Every since I have a non-camera smart phone to use in camp, I spent most of my time on it rather than books.

Going to hit the sack soon! No duty for me until 5:30pm tomorrow. So…. It means I can naturally wake up tomorrow. Yay! Can nua on bed until I feel like waking up for breakfast. He he..

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