Today lunch in camp is really good. Western food! There were fries, broccoli, and grilled chicken. Although the fries is pretty dry, you won't get sick of it no matter how much you eat it. The grilled chicken was the highlight of today's lunch. It was soft and tender. As you took a bite, strong aroma floods your mouth and every bite brings you to heaven.

Not to forget the marble cake for supper last night. The sweetness was just nice. The scent of vanilla blended with chocolate was so strong that you just can't stop eating it. It was the best marble cake I have ever eaten.

Unfortunately, I can't take any photos of it since I was having them in camp.

Area cleaning right now and waiting for inspection. The second last activity away from book out. Yay! One day of book out and will be back into camp by Tuesday morning. Haiz… Have a feeling that I am going to waste it again for not doing something meaningful.

Due to certain circumstances, I was suddenly not able to attend my friends' BMT graduation parade this coming Saturday. Avoided everything and even persuaded my sergeant to not let me have duty on coming weekend and he decided to let me go and attend my friends' graduation parade. Suddenly due to new obstacle that cannot be avoided, I have to give the once a only life time which I have been looking forward to for a long time, a miss. Feeling so vex and disappointed…


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