Yesterday night marks the end of our 27 hours shift. 29 hours of not able to bath due to duty, has finally end. Showering has not been the best feeling in the world for quite a while. Felt so refresh after that. Finally have some good uninterrupted sleep for 8 hours. Today life will be more relaxing for me. No duty, only shadowing to learn other stuff. 😁✌

Old fish eats new fish is a very common culture here. They will tend to bully new troopers by making new troopers do their shift. They will tend to sleep more than they should when it is their turn to go for their duty, replacing the new trooper so that the new trooper can rest. This forces the new troopers to cover duty for the old troopers as it is a must to have at least one trooper doing the duty at all times

It was what happened to one of my friend. The old troopers or fishes will tend to eat/bully the new troopers in many ways. Hence we have to be smart not to let them eat us.

Many new troopers dealt with this problem differently. Some will report it to the higher ups, some will kept quiet and let the old troopers eat as they don't want to cause troubles or create enemies, and some outsmart the old troopers. Luckily for me during my first duty here, the two older troopers are good to us.

Yesterday my buddy introduced this American action TV series to me so that I can spend my free time in camp watching it. It is about the most wanted criminal in America, surrendered himself and started to give list of unknown top criminals in the world to the FBI and makes the FBI works for him. Pretty good show I must say. The actions, the scenes, the plot are very engaging.


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