Happy birthday to me

Happy birthday to me! Officially 20! A good thing and a bad thing to be 20. Good thing is that I am joining the ranks of young adults. The bad thing is, I am getting old and becoming an uncle soon. 😱

More important decisions are to be made by me, and life will slowly becoming independent and different. Even if I can slow down the time, sooner or later, I will still reach 20. Having the digit '2' infront makes me feel so old. 😱

This is my mini chocolate birthday cake for this year. Would like to thank my mum and dad for being so thoughtful for buying this cake for me and deep down I am very grateful for what they have done for me all these years since the day I was born and raising me up.

One of the birthday presents that I received from my friends a few days ago. It is pickles from Neko Atsume! It is really cute right? Haha.



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