Lesson learnt

First official night's out and I am enjoying a cup of Dark Mocha, the usual drink that I always have whenever I chill at Starbucks. Had Hokkaido Cheese cake as well but didn't have a picture of it.

It's Thursday and tomorrow is book out day! Yay! Today is the third last day in my current camp before I get posted to Air Force. The only thing I will miss from my current camp is the food. The food served here are really good.

Going to miss my sectionmates as well. They are really caring and nice especially when I was sick last week. Really thankful to have much wonderful sectionmates and bunkmates.

Current reading this book during my free time in camp. A pretty good book I must say.

It's about a man who felt that he is a failure in life where his wife and daughter left him. He is an alcohol addict and his daughter didn't not invited him to his wedding. He decided to end his life twice but failed. He miraculously met his dead mother who died ages ago.

There was a sentence that his mother said to him that children often think they are a burden to their parents. Little do they know they are their parents granted wish. His mother told him that she prayed to the Lord 3 years to finally conceived him. That when the main character regretted not reassuring his life, wasted it and even tried to end his life twice. He was ashamed to face his mother.

This reminded me that I should learn to treasure my life. The word "Death" used to leave my mouth easily and I remember my mum was hurt whenever I told her life will come to an end one day so doing daredevil stuff is okay without giving a second thought.

After reading what the main character's mother, Posey said to him, I sincerely regretted my past words and actions and causes hurt to my mum.
Let this be a reminder or a lesson learnt to whoever who read this post.


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