Last day but… not quite

Today is my graduation day from ST Combat course and it is raining heavily. Not really a graduation day for me as I have to go for some more training before leaving this place as I am posted to Air Force. So the extra training is compulsory although I will be joining in with the rest with the graduation ceremony later this evening whom they are actually graduating today.

So sad that next week will be my actual last week but no more extra Gradation Parade (GP) for the special few of us. So today is the only GP we have.

Had dinner with my mum and my brother after the end of the graduation ceremony. My very first night's out. Usually only the commanders will have it. Today is a very special day for us, men.

Haven't had sweet & sour fish fillet for ages. It was really good. Managed to catch up with my family how are they doing.

Well, time to sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long day of learning, training and test. Can't reveal what is it as it is all classified as usual. Hehe. Time to catch some sleep…


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