Not that I found a pile of gold or treasure, but I get gold for IPPT. Yay! Finally after the 3rd try in this course.

So happy. My promise of having a Hershey white chocolate with cookie chips if I get gold will come true this weekend. Hehe.. 😁

Hopefully today will be a slack day since the course is coming to an end. Hence I have become lazier and want to relax.

Christmas is just around the corner and I have not started to shop for presents for people around me. I know everyone who reads this will think that I must be out of my mind as there is still more than one and a half month to Christmas but the busy and lazy me will delay my plans to shop for present (Mostly is due to NS that causes my bookout/freetime to be very short and precious). By then it will be too late.

This time will be my 1st time buying Christmas present for people as every year no one gave me gifts for Christmas until last year and the awkward me wasn't prepared . So this year, it's time to give them back something.

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