Blessing In Disguise

Field camp has finally ended. Yay! Back to bunk.

Bunk sweet bunk~

It was only two days but it was very enjoyable. Initial, I thought it will be hell for two days as the morning in day one, we already had punishments by cadres. At that point in time, I was like oh no, it was only morning and we had a long way to go. Who knows it was a blessing in disguise. In the afternoon and night training, it was really fun and time flies. Unnoticed, it was time to sleep.

This morning, it was suppose to be fun. We were like giving some kind of stimulated mission and we had to complete the mission. Everyone was so excited, so was I. Everything was running smoothly, just when it was my turn to lead and be in action, my rifle IA and I died as the IA causes the fake enemy to be able to shoot me. This ruined my mood. Who knows in the afternoon, I was one of those few to volunteered to help out with something that we were not given info and it turned out to be so fun!

Had an experience that I might not have the chance to experience it again in my life. Was really thankful and happy. After that incident, it lifted my mood for the rest of the day. Now back to bunk, bathed, had an awesome dinner and morale is pretty high right now. Not sure why but am feeling tired right now since today was pretty okay. Would love to share what I did in field camp but I can't as everything is classified, you know.

Haha. My mood is even better after realizing that tomorrow is book out day! Yay! Can't wait! Freedom again.


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