Sometimes it just hurt to see someone that you have been caring for, waiting for years, suddenly having someone else and living a happy life although you are been rejected and should have move on long time ago.

Many a times you will thought that you have moved on but actually you have not. Basically you just distract yourself with something else. Something can easily trigger what you actually felt and that's when you realized you were just lying to yourself all these while.

Those days and memories are all you have left. Quietly hiding at one corner lying to yourself that you have moved on but mind flashes every happy moments you have with her, uncontrollable. Seating at one corner, feeling as if a knife has stabbed into your heart.

However, nothing can be done…

Tried to leave her life quietly as you don't want to have a friendship with her with different intention where she treats you as a friend but you used the friendship hoping to get her back.

Half of you is happy for her but the other half break downs thinking that how you wish it was you making her happy and be her world. All you can blame is the mistake that you have made years ago that causes the retribution and regrets that you have today.

Continue to strive to really move on one day…


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