Today just found out that I have a bunkmate that is a professional dota player! Omg!!! Stayed in the same bunk for nearly four weeks then I know about his identity. Since he is still going to stay in the competitive scene, I will be his fan. Woohoo. Fanboy mode on. I guess I am crazy over Singapore dota scenes as that are not much serious competitive teams or players in Singapore unlike China, USA, and Europe. So I am very supportive of my own country's teams and players.

Felt so bad today. It is my 3rd time forgetting that I have the bunk keys with me, causing everyone to wait for so long. I am usually not incharge of the key so I will tend to forget about it whenever I am the last to leave the room, causing the key to be in my possession. 😭

Quote of the day:

It will be a sunny day when the storm is finally over.


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